With a fraction of the fat, calories and sodium content of regular cheesecake, Markee Cream Pies are a lighter, healthier version of everyone’s favorite New York-style dessert. A native New Yorker, Markee founder Margaret Francis knows a thing or two about the typically calorie-laden, decadent treat. After moving to Atlanta with her husband and three sons Willie, Andre, and Isaiah in 1995, Margaret experienced a craving for cheesecake but didn’t have the necessary ingredients. After trial and error using what she already had in the kitchen, she came up with an early version of her MarkeeCream Pies. The pies grew in popularity among her friends and family, who urged her to introduce the product to the public.














Markee Cream Pies are made with no eggs, no oil, butter, or heavy cream, no cream cheese, and no added sugar, or milk and come in original or strawberry-cherry flavors, with cherry, blueberry ,lemon, pineapple, and oreo toppings. Margaret’s pies are a tasty alternative that’s light on guilt but heavy on flavor. The pies are made from all local ingredients from the Atlanta area she has come to love over the last 16 years, and are available by . $10 each. contact  francisaaaa@aol.com here is the difference between  markee cream pie and a regular slice cheese cake.





  mm pie cal.330  fat 200 soduum 140 mg cholesterol 45 mg carb 30g sugars 22g    Now a regular slice of cheese cake cal. 460 fat 270 sodium 480 cholesterol 155mg carb 38g sugars 29g.  Remember this is not a diet pie or low cal. pie . It is a pie that is low in the ingedinents that i have in it. You will just love it.   LIGHT ON GUILT , HEAVY ON FLAVOR .                                                                   

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